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Pearl met Sealy on a stormy night when she was four years old. While sailing the icy seas, the crew of the SS Clara saw a baby Seel all on her own, and Pearl insisted that they save her from the dangerous waters. Since that night, Pearl and Sealy have been inseparable. Although Sealy tends to have more of an interest in fashion and culture than battling, she will do whatever it takes to help Pearl become the champion.

Sealy has a non-combatant scarf so she can still travel with Pearl even when she's carrying other Pokémon to battle with. She also has a special red beret that was sold to her by Xavier (a vendor who's French/Italian enough) in the Poké Place Market.

Species Seel
Dex No. 086
Level 6
Loyalty 2
Nature Brave
Ability Thick Fat, Hydration
Feats Smooth Facade
First Appearance Episode 1
Location The SS Clara

Score 16 11 12 6 8 10
Modifier +3 0 +1 -2 -1 0
Saving Throw +5 +5 +3 0 +1 +2

Current Max HP - 47

Current AC - 14

Current Moveset - Headbutt, Ice Shard, Water Sport, Icy Wind

Skill Proficiencies - Acrobatics