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Pearl has captured 25 Pokémon on her journey as of Episode 60, and she has owned 32 unique species.

  • Sealy the Dewgong (formerly Seel)
  • Coconut the Raichu (formerly Pichu and Pikachu)
  • CeeLo the Taillow
  • Orville the Wurmple
  • Fanta the Combusken (formerly Torchic)
  • Oscar the Breloom (formerly Shroomish)
  • Sylvia the Slakoth
  • GalPal the Galvantula
  • George Foreman the Vespiquen (formerly Combee)
  • Beckers the Poliwhirl
  • Shavocado the Magikarp
  • Bill Murray the Diglett
  • A-Aron the Aron
  • Dwayne the Crystal Onix
  • Porygon (captured and given as a gift to P13RC3)
  • Tangerine the Ponyta
  • Starkner the Golett
  • Darla the Eevee
  • Fettuccine the Dragonair (formerly Dratini)
  • Tweedle Dum the Sableye
  • Elmer the Togepi
  • Solrock and Lunatone (techincally "allies" now residing on the Misty Isle with Spudnik)
  • Serrano the Shiny Honedge
  • Jackie Cham the Pancham
  • Bruce the Machop
  • Mudslide and Pebble the Kangaskhan
  • Gligar
  • Gliscor