Pearl and the Cuddle Bunch (Sealy, Coconut, and Fanta)

Pearl showing Coconut to Dianne

Cuddle Bunch and Teen Squad

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Heritage Human (Variant)
Level 10
Trainer Path Ace Trainer
Specialization(s) Swimmer (Water type), Pyromaniac (Fire type)
Background Sailor
Feats Observant, Healer
First Appearance Episode 1
Location The SS Clara
Score 8 12 15 10 19 14
Modifier -1 +1 +2 +0 +4 +2
Saving Throw -1 +5 +2 +0 +4 +6

Current Max HP - 63

Current AC - 11

Skill Proficiencies -Acrobatics, Athletics, Nature, Perception, Persuasion, Poké-Handling

Pearl's Pokémon

See full article: Pearl's Pokémon

Pearl's team is called the Cuddle Bunch. She can currently carry 5 Pokémon at a time. She is able to have Sealy with her and not count towards available slots as long as Sealy has her Non-Combatant Scarf held item.

Battle Record

Win VS Bob & Thwomp (with Luca and Miguel)

Win VS Jake

Win VS Mikey

Loss VS Mason

Win VS Peach

Win VS Ferris

Win VS Alex

Win VS Ammon

Win VS Mortimer

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