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Luca and Toofus

Luca is a 14 year old boy with brown eyes and an athletic body type. His dark hair swoops up into a messy pompadour, and he often wears a leather jacket or a hoodie. He is frequently angsty, but he can be very kind and caring, and he has become Pearl's best friend. Many of his family members are connected with the Pokémon League and Team Nasty.

Luca first appeared in Episode 3. He was intended to be a recurring character for the story, but after Sarah said "I need a Brock!" Jonah made him a regular part of the team.

Heritage Human (Variant)
Level 10
Trainer Path Commander
Specialization(s) Swimmer (Water type), Shadow (Dark type)
Background Spy
Feats Skill Expert (Poké-Handling, WIS +1)
First Appearance Episode 3
Location Portobello Port - Team Nasty Warehouse
Score 12 16 12 10 19 14
Modifier +1 +3 +1 +0 +4 +2
Saving Throw +1 +3 +1 +0 +8 +6

Current Max HP - 64

Current AC - 13

Skill Proficiencies - Athletics, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Investigation, Poké-Handling (expertise), Deception

Luca's Pokémon

Luca has been seen carrying 9 different Pokémon as of Episode 53.

  • Toofus the Croconaw (formerly Totodile)
  • Elle the Sneasel
  • Tarzan the Grovyle (formerly Treecko)
  • Magnemite
  • Mikey the Haunter (formerly Gastly)
  • Hercules the Heracross
  • Dozer the Rhyhorn
  • Omen the Houndoom (formerly Houndour)
  • Tweedle-Dee the Sableye
  • Zilla the Larvitar
  • Clefairy (Shadow Pokemon formerly owned by Thwomp)
  • Scolipede
  • Gary Beach the Lampent
  • Prince Hal the Nidorino (formerly Nidoran)
  • Lotsa the Stufful
  • Roxanne the Ralts
  • Maximilian the Riolu
  • Mr. 90's the Shiny Zangoose